Top Faculty

Project Overview

Top Faculty is an University recruitment platform for students and faculties where they can connect with each other and look for jobs and roles posted by other recruiters. It combines the features of social media like facebook, and professional platforms like LinkedIn.

Engaging and Interactive Feed

The homepage is where the users can see all their posts shared by their followings, get updates about institutes and look for jobs and peoples, or share their own updates. They can also chat with other users as well.

Relevant Jobs

Recruiters can post new jobs with their requirements and skills, and users can apply for the jobs or save it for later. Jobs can be shared to other users as well through chat and headhunting. The ability to upload resume makes the process faster and smoother for users.

User Profiles

Users can update their profiles with their experience and their skills so that other people can check them out as well. Recruiters can also create profiles for their institutes can add admins to manage posts and jobs. Users can add reviews and rating for the institutes and check their posts.

Headhunting & Subscriptions

Recruiters can headhunt for the best candidates by checking their profile and sending them job invites. Headhunting is a premium features as such requires subscription that also gives additional benefits as well

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