Project Overview

True Users is an app that helps its users locate and reserve charging stations. They can pay for charging services directly from the app, saving time and hassle. Users can view real-time availability of charging stations and plan their route accordingly, ensuring they will have access to a charging station when they need it.Users can compare prices and find the best deals for charging services and can also receive rewards for using certain charging stations. This app can help users reduce the carbon footprint associated with traditional fossil fuel-based transportation.

Easy Booking

Users can locate nearby and saved charging stations, learn more about the station, like the working hours, service cost and much more, and finally select the type of charging required by their vehicle and get an estimate cost of their session to effectively make their decision for booking their session

Quick Station Finder

The search function allows a user to filter the stations on the basis of proximity. Advanced filters can also help them look for stations on the basis of their current availability, booking cost, charger types, etc

In depth statistics and analytics

Users can look at the monthly and yearly stats of their respective charging history. The graphical representation and session list provides them an overview of their energy use history. If a user wants they can also get an overview of a particular session, where they can look at the units charged, total duration and a cost breakdown of their expenditure.

The host module can help manage and monitor their charging stations, including monitoring charging levels and usage patterns. The host module can help the operator set pricing and manage billing, making it easier to run their charging station business efficiently. provide station owners with valuable data insights, such as usage patterns, peak demand times, and user feedback. This information can help them to optimize their station operations and make informed decisions about their charging infrastructure.

Well illustrated tips can educate users as well as station operators on the best practices for charging EVs, such as using the right type of charging station and avoiding  These tips help in optimizing charging practices, users can reduce energy consumption and support the wider adoption of clean energy.

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