Project overview

Tummoc is a comprehensive transportation app that offers users a one-stop solution for all their commuting needs. With the app, users can easily plan their trips by inputting the source and destination, and then choose the best mode of transportation based on factors such as speed or cost. Tummoc provides real-time information on public transportation options, including bus and metro schedules, and offers detailed route information, including transfer points and fares. Additionally, users can book bus tickets directly through the app, as well as book rides with the Rapido app for a more direct transportation experience.

Simplified Sign Up and Onboarding

During the onboarding process, Tummoc users are required to select their current city, which will enable them to proceed to the homepage. On the homepage, users can choose to either enter their destination or select their preferred mode of transportation. The app provides the option to book tickets directly through the platform, making the transportation planning experience seamless and convenient.

Setting Route Information

Upon selecting a source point, the user is presented with recommended destination suggestions based on their previous locations and current location. The route options are displayed with estimated travel time and fare, and the user has the ability to switch between various modes of transportation.

Route Information

In the route detail view, the user can see walking and public transportation sections, track public transportation live, book tickets and Rapido rides, mark sections as completed, and rate their experience upon completion.

Booking Tickets

While booking a ticket, the user has the option to either select the source and destination or choose a bus and view the live tracking information. The booking process also allows for multiple passengers to be booked at once and a digital ticket is provided upon completion.

Wallet & Referral

The Tummoc Wallet app allows users to conveniently book both tickets and rapido rides. The app offers various modes of transactions for adding money, and provides an opportunity for users to earn through referrals.

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