UX Resercher

Role and responsibilities

The UX researcher’s role encompasses a couple of the following responsibilities.

  • Having strong grasp in the process of market & product research
  • To design focused interviews for purpose driven product visualisation
  • To create data driven detailed product case studies
  • Product understanding with strong analytical and scientific approach
  • To understand the technical and business requirements and come up with goal-based research output
  • To create simple but detailed wireframe with the accompanying information architecture of the product
  • To have a keen interest in learning new tools and expand their horizon of knowledge

Why work in our company

Goldenflitch is rated among the topmost growing UX studios in India for 2022-23. With a diverse portfolio designing products from new age tech, to traditional giants of their industries, we're pushing the envelope when it comes to the future of design thinking.

Millions of users interact with products we've created design for, and that number is only growing everyday.

The ideal candidate will have strong creative skills and a portfolio of work which demonstrates their passion for product designing with the creativity that would produce an appealing and delightful user experience.

About the requirement

The designer should have the following abilities

  • Strong analytical skills to understand and solve a problem
  • Proficient in softwares like Figma & Notion
  • A keen understanding for defining a goal
  • Able to articulate ideas, both written and spoken, to drive impact
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to work methodically and meet work in a fast paced environment
  • Degree / Certification in Design, Research or related field is a plus

You’ll fit in if you are

  • Enthusiastic, motivated and brimming with ideas
  • Passionate about the latest design innovations and businesses
  • Growing your horizon of knowledge
  • A team player who can communicate and collaborate seamlessly
  • A born leader who can motivate and guide others to grow

What we offer

  • The flexibility to work in hybrid fashion
  • Professional growth opportunities and career prospects
  • Monthly awards and recognitions
  • Opportunities to learn and grow through design workout sessions and assessments

We offer a unique opportunity to build international projects in international teams, influence the process, be heard, and witness the results of your work

How to apply ?

If you are motivated to work with us please follow the steps.

Step 1:

Solve this assignment

UI/UX Designer Assignment

Step 2:

Fill up this form to submit your solution

Apply for the role of UI/UX Designer at Goldenflitch

Step 3:

😇 Relax and keep learning more cool stuff! Our team will contact you soon.

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